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Bravo 1 Vertical Shaft & Prop Shaft Bearing Extractors & Installer

These 3 tools made only by JR Marine are a quick and easy way of taking off and replacing tapered shaft bearings.  Each tool comes with a heat treated extractor bar.  This bar is 14" long and will fit on all 20 and 40 ton hydraulic presses.

Simply place the shaft in the extractor bar, place in press and remove bearings.  To replace bearings, drop the hardened installer bushing in the extractor bar hole and replace new bearings on the shaft.  100 times easier and faster than using a bearing separator tool.  Comes in 3 sizes.

Part #1012 1" Bravo 1 Prop Shaft
List:  $250.00 EA

Part #1013 1-1/4" Bravo 1 Prop Shaft
List:  $250.00 EA

Part #1014 Bravo 1 Vertical Shaft
List:  $250.00 EA

Part #1021 All 3 sizes as a kit.
List:  $680.40 EA

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